It is a day full of curiosity and doubts. I still have motivation for this nodal system but Jeff's remark about this not being artistic and being only technical loops in my head. Do I want to fully drop directing for this year? I like doing tools, I feel good about that, does it make me less a creative person? Is Jeff's sentence an admitting of weakness?


I've read chapters 1, 2 and started 3 from the book.
It seems to have a very strong typing system. Some things look unusual, like having to repeat let before assigning a number to an existent unmutable variable.


Evaluation of Kabaret: is it already the thing I want to build?

  • Kabaret calls itself a studio framework. It's all coded in Python 2.7/3, I think the UI should be very slow to start. I have to test this.
  • I don't see easy nodal system.

Intensive Project Group

First meeting with the team to make a animation short film, planned to last 2 minutes maximum.
We have to set many things before, like the pipeline, what softwares we want to use...

I really hope our personalities will match, I don't feel very motivated by it, but I don't have any idea about what could motivate me more. I'll wait for the scenario discuss.

Does my melancholic inner story world fit with their joyful and naive cocooning state of mind?

Side projects

  • The Peau Nue writing will take me a lot of time, I have to focus on it to be validated as early as possible before the intensive project runs over it.
  • Swing will take a lot too.
  • Do your fucking Linz University application!


  • Why a technical mémoire, not dealing directly with images, couldn't be artistic?
  • Designing a UI couldn't be artistic?
  • Designing a software architecture couldn't be artistic?
  • Do I really want to work on pipeline a whole year?