Yesterday night I had a long doubt about my memoire subject. What I'm trying to do doesn't involve writing at all, and I'm wondering how I could include it.


  • Generate Typography with AI
  • Use scenario's versions as evoluting text.
  • How to valorize text versions?

Kinetic poetry

After these doubts, I looked quickly at Kinetic Poetry. And there are interesting things online. Digital animated poetry (a lot of Flash based stuff...)

Générations Littéraires

I found by chance a conference about generative writing the same day.
Conference organised by Postdigital.
Two parts:
- Jean-Pierre Balpe: Writer working a lot with generative
- Jean Boîte Editions: Edit books with strong technology creativity link, like 1 the road, a book written during a roadtrip by an AI.

Sony CSL

A Sony research department in Paris, they work in AI to assist creation: music, writing...
I've met Pietro Gravino who works there. I'll contact him to visit the office.


Rust's Book reading is going well. I'm almost at the point where I know every fundamental features. Close to starting writing the first program.