I don't have any motivation about doing CGI, it's a dying domain. With it's energy consuption, it's going to be way too expensive to be sustainable. We'll have to come back to less VFX and no 3D animation. Which is good.


Today, conference followed by a round table at the CNC about Open Source softwares in CGI industy, mostly pipeline oriented.
The Yard VFX releases as Open Source its pipeline manager: Mangrove.
This is very close to what I had in mind of what I wanted to do at the beggining of my project.
Mangrove is very interesting, I'll use it for the intensive.
This states two things:

  • I'm up-to-date in my mind, even if I'm not in constant contact with production.
  • This software is absolutely headed to pipeline, the realtime isn't a goal at all. Which was a part of my project.


Do I still want to work on this? (my pipeline tool)
The writing with AI is much much more interesting.
But I like to build tools...